In April-May Living Blues magazine radio chart

Muddy Gurdy, Hypnotic Wheel’s second album, made it to #13 in Living Blues magazine’s April-May 2018 radio chart!

Still growing in the charts

Look, look, look… There it is —again and again. Hypnotic Wheels’ Muddy Gurdy album stays in Roots Music Reports’ charts, up three places in the Blues album category, in the week of March 17.

The album rates 15, up one place, in the Contemporary Blues album category.

As for the songs, “Leave Her Alone”, which the trio recorded with Cameron Kimbrough last year in Mississippi, is still in the charts, at #23 (up from #42) in the Contemporary Blues songs category, at #47 in the overall Blues songs category.

“Leave Her Alone” makes it into the charts

Several songs of the Muddy Gurdy album have entered the charts in just a few weeks after its release by Vizztone, on February 2.

Leave Her Alone, which the Hypnotic Wheels trio recorded with Cameron Kimbrough last year in Como, Mississippi, ranks #31 in this week’s Roots Music Report’s Contemporary Blues Song Chart.

In the Top 10 on Blues Music Report

Muddy Gurdy, the album, makes it in the Top Ten of this week’s Blues Music Report in the Contemporary Blues album category for the week of February 10. It is at #9, up from #18 last week!

And it is at #15 in the Blues Album category.

In the Roots Music Report chart

Muddy Gurdy, Hypnotic Wheels’ new album, entered the Roots Music Report chart!

The album makes it to #18 in the Top 50 Contemporary Blues Album chart for the week of February 3, 2018, just a day after its release by VizzTone, on February 2, 2018.

Rollin’ and Tumblin’, R.L. Burnside’s cover, which the trio recorded last year in Como, Mississippi, with Cedric Burnside, appears at #15 in the Top 50 Contemporary Blues Song chart for the same week —in great company!

In the Top 15 on B.B. King’s Bluesville

Muddy Gurdy, Hypnotic Wheels’ second album, which was released this past Friday, February 2, 2018, by VizzTone, made it to SiriusXM Radio Top 15 Countdown on BB Kings Bluesville! A beautiful #13! Or more exactly Rollin’ and Tumblin’, an R.L. Burnside cover, which the trio recorded last year with Cedric Burnside in Como, Mississippi.

Listen to the whole Muddy Gurdy album.

#3 in the AirPlay Direct February blues chart!

The AirPlay Direct Global Radio Indicator Charts display the top singles downloaded for airplay by radio programmers internationally in real-time. As of February 6, Muddy Gurdy appears #3 on the top 50 APD Blues, Jazz, and R&B Albums list.