Hypnotic Wheels, un incroyable trio électro-roots trance-blues / Hypnotic Wheels, an incredible electro-roots trance-blues trio
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A hurdy-gurdy, a calabash drum, a guitar, and a voice!

Hypnotic Wheels © Yann Cabello small

Inspired by an original idea from percussionist Marc Glomeau, French band Hypnotic Wheels brings together three musicians and instruments which have never been associated before: a hurdy-gurdy, a calabash drum, and a guitar.

Hypnotic Wheels creates a singular universe mixing Mississippi blues, Central France music, pop, trance, and electro, uniting elements from electronic and folk music. Its obsessive, mystical and enigmatic sound, like a perpetual trance –hence the name– sets a mesmerizing background for Tia’s magnetic voice.

The trio along with sound engineer Pierre Bianchi have been acclaimed at their first major show at the 7 Nights to the Blues festival in Northern France in 2013 and on all the stages they have performed since.

Their first album, Hypnotic Wheels, was released in the fall of 2014.